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Build secure, robust, and reliable media workflows and experiences. VPaaS (Video Platform as a Service) offers cloud services and SDKs for adding a full layer of video capabilities to your platforms and applications, affordably and at scale. Significantly reduce time to market and operational costs. Keep up with new devices, browsers or standards. With  VPaaS, companies can focus on their own core business while building custom video experience, from prototyping to large-scale global video operations, fast.

HOW COMPANIES ARE USING  VPaaS • Build new video-centric applications and services • Create an infinite number of customized video experiences • Add video capabilities to existing applications and services • Incorporate video into existing workflows • Support any business model with video

WHO’S USING  VPaaS • Web Shops, Agencies, and Small Integrators: Serve small to medium-scale projects • Large System Integrators: Build enterprise-grade experiences and solutions for others • SaaS Start-ups: Experiment with video technology in new platforms • SaaS Providers: Add native video capabilities to mature platforms

ONE PLATFORM, ANY VIDEO EXPERIENCE • Delivery to any device: On-the-fly packaging across multiple formats, with adaptive bitrate streaming. Includes iOS and Android smartphones/tablets, Web, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire, and Smart TVs • Ingestion & Acquisition: Supports uploads and imports from multiple devices, formats, protocols, and technologies, as well as screen recording and capture tools • Asset Management: Preview, collaboration, thumbnail creation, moderation, and rights management tools • Transcoding: Converts from any source to any rendition, including multiple optimization options • Live Broadcasting & Recording: Cloud transcoding, cloud DVR, cloud recording, and live-clipping • Security & Control: Encryption, access control rules, DRM, watermarking, geo-blocking, and more • Experience & Playback: Optimized delivery, customizable branding • Distribution: Simplified automated distribution • Enrichment: Metadata tools including transcripts, captioning, detection and recognition, and 3rd party metadata • Analytics: Tracks content, contribution, interaction, viewership, trends, and more, as well as integration with 3rd party analytics • Interactivity: Interactive Video Quizzing, synced slides, searchable chapters, and more • Search, Discovery, & Personalization: Based on metadata, personalization profiles, or social interactions • Monetization: Certified integration with ad networks as well as real-time ad-stitching • Conversion & Commerce: Lead-gen tools including in-video interactivity and integration with marketing automation platforms • Subscriptions & Payments: Simplification of subscriber and payment management • Workflows: Automation of all the above workflows, based on your business rules

BENEFITS • Quickly create secure, robust, and reliable media workflows and experiences, based on the foundation of market-leading video platform • Easily customize to fit any workflow, product, or industry • Start small and scale up easily and quickly over time • Future-proof compatibility with new devices, browsers, and standards • Take advantage of  innovative products and features • Significantly reduce time to market • Optimize operational costs

OPTIMIZE YOUR COSTS – PAY AS YOU GO • Free up to set usage limits per service (streams, entries, unique users, storage, videos distributed) • Volume discounts based on committed usage tiers • Pay as you go via credit-card or ACH—no commitments required  PARTNER NETWORK The  Partner Network creates a powerful ecosystem of certified technology solutions, service providers, and expert consultants and integrators offering cross-industry knowledge and best practices to support a wide-range of business use-cases. VPaaS clients reap the benefits of a diverse and collaborative development community.