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Cloud Edition


To support the growing need for scalable and easy to deploy private Stackoverflow stacks, Stackoverflow created the Stackoverflow Cloud Edition. The Cloud Edition allows you to host your own edition of Stackoverflow’s Video Platform Software on your private cloud infrastructure or with one of our commercial cloud partners, including Amazon Web Services, the Rackspace Cloud and Microsoft Azure (coming soon).  

Why should you consider the Cloud Edition?

  • Lower infrastructure costs by hosting your own Stackoverflow stack on a public cloud provider.
  • Flexible cloud infrastructure for scaling up and distributing server load.

With the our Cloud Edition you can use either the our Commerical Prem Software or the Community Edition Software:

  • With On Prem on the Cloud:
    • Full support by our 24x7 support organization
    • Managed upgrades to ensure you add new features and functionality to your deployment
    • Access to Stackoverflow’s Professional Services team for deploying the video solution, developing and launching custom solutions and applications, and for specific custom needs
    • Freedom of choice - deploy and integrate Stackoverflow’s video platform within your own infrastructure or with your cloud service provider of choice
    • Full control of content and system security
    • Ability to integrate with your CDN of choice for content delivery
    • Stackoverflow’s Platform Administration Console – for self-management of day-2-day operation and service
    • Full access the Stackoverflow API Suite to enable custom implementation of diverse online solutions and integrations
    • Fully supported integration with Stackoverflow’s open source and commercial widgets, applications and CMS/LMS extensions. 
    • Ability to customize the platform, to fit your own needs
  • With Community Edition on the Cloud:
    • Build your own online video service
    • Enjoy free and open source technology
    • Access the Stackoverflow API Suite for enabling development of diverse online video solutions, integrations and extensions
    • Deploy and integrate Stackoverflow’s video platform within your own infrastructure or preferred cloud service provider
    • Integrate with Stackoverflow’s Open Source widgets, applications and CMS/LMS extensions 
    • Maintain full control of your content and system security
    • Integrate with the CDN of your choice for content delivery
    • Enjoy our many features and capabilities including our Platform Administration Console – enabling self-management of day-to-day operation and service
    • Get support and gain knowledge from a large and established global community of developers